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Woman manages to beat blood cancer with help of turmeric


A new report in British Medical Journal says that Dieneke Ferguson United Nations agency was diagnosed with blood cancer in 2007 when complaining of high vital sign is currently fully cured.

The woman, at intervals fifteen months of her identification, had seen her malignant neoplasm reach stage 3.

And whereas Dieneke underwent many rounds of therapy and in October 2009 had somatic cell transplant, the treatments did not work.

In 2011 she began taking daily doses of curcumin, a key element of the spice turmeric, when another 2 rounds of somatic cell medical care unsuccessful.

Dieneke took eight grams of curcumin every night on associate empty abdomen.

A few months later, Dieneke began a weekly course of hyperbaric chemical element medical care, that involves respiratory pure chemical element in an inside chamber that mimics above region pressures and over the last 5years her cancer has remained stable and her blood counts area unit at intervals the traditional vary, doctors report.

Curcumin may be a substance derived from the herb turmeric, and has been used as a standard Indian medicationfor hundreds of years. it’s a natural inhibitor, medicinal drug, antiseptic and has analgesic properties, consistent with the BMJ report.

More recently, it’s incontestible a capability to slow or inhibit cell growth during a large choice of growth cells, together with malignant neoplasm.

In Dieneke’s case doctors believe it’s the primary recorded case of a patient ill by exploitation the spice when ditching standard treatments.


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