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Hello movie review: Akhil Akkineni shows off action chops


Hello motion picture cast: Akhil Akkineni, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Jagapati adult male, Ramya Krishna, Ajay
Hello motion picture director: Vikram K Kumar

Hello revolves around Akhil Akkineni (Avinash), World Health Organization is in search of his past love he met throughout his childhood. Akhil Akkineni is equipped to try to to his best at the box workplace together with hissecond unharness greeting. The film is created by Nagarjuna Akkineni. Akhil is super assured that this project would end up to be a blockbuster.

Hello is directed by Vikram K Kumar. Vikram had earlier worked with Nagarjuna and his family throughout the shoot of Manam. the marriage song from greeting has already found its place in hearts of the audience for the easy treatment however what has bumped off our attention is Akhil’s talent. He can act, dance and really, sing too. throughout a promotional tour within the U.S.A., Akhil performed live for his audience.

Hello, a movie supported the idea of finding out your soulmate, may appear banal in times like these, howeverVikram Kumar, whose earlier credits include Ishq and Manam, understands the facility of true love. It’s not concerningwhether or not the boy and also the woman can meet within the finish or not. Of course, they’re expected to, particularly in a very thought film. however the anticipation of that precise moment wherever they discover everyother’s existence once an extended time is enough to let a stray drop of tear fall your cheeks.

Because, despite what percentage times you tell an equivalent story, there’s one thing basically consoling a couple of well-narrated romantic story that it appears like there’s still some hope left within the world.

Right from its initial frame, Hello, leading Akhil and Kalyani Priyadarshan, toys with the primal feeling of affection and yearning for somebody, Associate in Nursingd Vikram turns it into an expertise that nudges you to immerse yourself with none hesitation. however it takes its own sweet time to essentially unravel its heart. So, initial we tend to square measure bombarded with the visuals of a young boy running within the streets of Hyderabad to catch hold of a crook. All he needs from him is that the most up-to-date variety that he dialled on his cell.

If that wasn’t enough, the stakes become larger all of a sharp and it leads a really desperate Avinash (Akhil) to requirea giant gang all by himself. At now of your time, all we all know is that he’s dotty with a woman whom he initial met once he was a child. The woman is vastly keen on the boy too. Although, there’s conjointly a trace of romance, their relationship is cast on the idea of friendly relationship and finding solace in every other’s company. once the womanis forced to depart the city unexpectedly, she leaves him her variety on a Rs a hundred note.

Vikram Kumar drops many hints within the half of the film concerning what’s at stake for Avinash that forces him to risk his own life many times. however it isn’t till he opens the doors to the planet of Avinash and Priya, World Health Organization take an immediate feeling to every different, that the film finds its groove. And then, it simply sweeps you off your feet. despite however onerous I attempt to understand what’s it that that produces the romance work therefore well, I can’t decipher the key formula. Sometimes, you only soak within the aroma of occasional and ignore everything else.

For Akhil, it couldn’t be a far better re-launch, therefore to talk. The film begins as a showreel of Akhil’s ability to dragoff beautiful action sequences, but soon, the canvas turns serene permitting the actor to seek out his feet on the bottom, each virtually and figuratively. In a way, this transformation in tone of the film, from Associate in Nursingaction flick into a romantic drama, helps U.S.A. understand with all the lead characters and Vikram channelises all the energy into weaving a heart-felt romantic tale. Akhil will a commendable job in depicting the lead character, and oncehe races against the clock to seek out his soulmate, fumbles, becomes desperate, and breaks down, he comes pretty near creating you think that it’s happening for real. and also the film’s biggest surprise is newcomer Kalyani Priyadarshan. She’s attractive on screen, however quite that, she emotes very well. There’s a scene within the film wherever Akhil tries to drag her leg once she visits his house for the primary time and he or she begs him to not reveal her secrets. It’s a remarkably easy scene, however there’s one thing concerning Kalyani’s eyes that you simply catches your attention. Jagapathi adult male and Ramyakrishna too surpass in their roles.

Anup Sir Peter Paul Rubens will a terrific job with the background score, that blends very well with the visual imagingcreated by notation Vinod. it’s a fantasy-like glow to that and also the heat of the story interprets into its music and photography likewise. Action choreography by Bob Brown is top-notch; but, the action set items square measurealtered therefore haphazardly that you simply square measure ne’er in awe of what they need done.
In the end, the film is testimony to Vikram Kumar’s power to maneuver you after you least expect it. He paints the canvas with folks you regularly dream concerning. initially look, it’d appear quite obvious and not thereforeshocking, however the longer you stand there and check out to work out what he’s attempting to convey, it all begins to create sense. The method light-weight falls within the corridors, or however somebody smiles at another person, or however the presence of a special somebody brings peace. You stop deciding it once a degree as a result of after you watch a movie that produces you would like to fall dotty, there’s hardly something left to mention at the moment.


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