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Diljit Dosanjh’s Groovy New Track Is Perfect For Our ‘Raat Di Gedi’


Diljit Dosanjh encompasses a secret weapon specially designed in murder North American country all and that icannot very place my hand on what precisely it’s. This handsome swell could be a multi tasker, and is easy therein.

Ever since he forayed into movies, fans thought his terrific foot sound music can take a backseat. Diljit shut up everybody with a good looking rendition of ‘Ik Kudi’ in his debut picture itself. Then came his alternative comes. Few months agone whereas he was busy shooting for a war picture in London, everybody urged him to drop a song. onceDiljit takes on a task, he puts his ‘dil’ and ‘dimaag’ each at work. The result was the love range, ‘El Sueno’. Now, whereas he’s impressing everybody along with his current look within the hockey picture, he’s back with a replacement song. It’s known as ‘Raat Di Gedi’ and is dead for our own night ‘gedi’ during this weather.

Fans area unit notably proud of the video as a result of once a protracted time, we tend to have to be compelled to see Diljit with the beautiful Neeru Bajwa. They created an excellent try altogether the films they did along. Diljit’s new tracks area unit totally different from his ‘5 Taara’ days however they’re simply another feather in his cap on balance. So, is that this song moving into your New Year bash playlist?

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