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Akash Dadlani’s Mother Claims, Vishal Dadlani’s Father And My Husband Are First Cousins On Bigg Boss 11


As Bigg Boss 11 is simply many weeks faraway from its closure and that we area unit currently within the thirteenth week of Salman Khan‘s show, the manufacturers area unit exploit no stone right-side-out to entertain its viewers. On Tuesday’s episode of Bigg Boss eleven, we tend to saw that Bigg Boss has invited members of the family of the contestants to spent some of days within the padosi house, faraway from the housemates.

Punish Sharma GF and ex-contestant, Bandgi Kalra and Hina Khan’s lover, Rocky Jaiswal have re-entered the house in conjunction with Vikas Gupta, Akash Dadlani, Priyank Sharma and Luv Tyagi’s mothers and Shilpa Shinde’s brother. In one in all the recently released video, that’s doing the rounds, Akash’s mother, WHO has entered the house as an area of a luxury budget task, claims that his son and music musician Vishal Dadlani area unit cousins.

For the uninitiate, Akash Dadlani had earlier claimed on the show that he’s Vishal’s ‘dead brother’s son’. once this piece of data reached the music musician, he took to Twitter to clarify that Akash is expounded to him, however quitedistance. Vishal tweeted, “Some adult male on Bigg Boss claims to be associated with American state. I checked and he’s, however quite distance. I don’t apprehend him, with the exception of his having texted American statesoliciting for work, many times.” Well, this doesn’t appear to own gone down well with the Akash’s mother Sunita Dadlani and set to reveal her aspect of the story.

In the video, Sunita is seen claiming that Vishal’s father and Akash’s father area unit 1st cousins, adding that, “I even have proof that Akash and Vishal area unit cousins. I actually have Vishal and his family’s images in my wedding album.” However, Vishal is however to react to Sunita Dadlani’s claims. It’s about to be interesting when Vishal releases another official statement on Twitter. Watch this house for additional updates on Bigg Boss eleven.



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